Lip Drape for Perfect Lips



The Lipdrape was our first ebhues online drape. He is the perfect tool to dip your feet into the color journey if you want to have an easier color browsing experience. Afterall, second guessing if a color is going to enhance your complexion, warm your eyes, and make your features glow is never fun. Here's how it works. 



What is the ebhues lipdrape?

The Lipdrape is a collection of 9 lipstick colors with the same value and chroma within different seasonal spaces in the ebhues system. It also contains No More Chap to soothe your lips after the draping, a pinch test, and instructions that will help you turn your results into tangible awesome colors that are yours!



What's the purpose?

Not everyone can wear the blood red lipstick released by mainstream corporations as a one size fits all lip color. Everyone has their own space where value and chroma matter. The Lipdrape helps you locate where you are so you no longer struggle to find your “red” or what colors will look best on you. Some people need a little more purple in their red, and others need a little more orange, this Lipdrape will help you figure out what undertone works best for you!


What are you looking for when you use it?

When applying the colors, you are looking for the color that is most harmonious with your skin. Meaning a color that doesn’t change rapidly and stays true on your skin. You are looking for clarity along with enhancing qualities. You don't want your color to look dull or steal attention away from the rest of your face. Below is an example of the reds (powers and palette A) on people with opposite undertones. The value of the skin is not an indicator of undertone. The arm on the left has a lot of warmth in her color. The arm on the right has a lot of coolness. 

The red battle on opposite undertones


How do you analyze results?

Look at where your colors are on the special website located on your card. If your bests share the same undertone space you are most likely located somewhere in that space. If your bests from both tests don’t share the same undertone space, take your two best and have them compete directly with each other. If they are both cool undertones, Red and Blue (Winter and Summer), then you are looking for a color that is more clear and should stay away from the warm undertones, Orange and Yellow (Autumn and Spring) and vice versa. The top arm pulls off cool undertones beautifully with the Blue Undertone being the truest. The bottom arm needs warmth in their tones to anticipate beautiful results.

Pink Lip drape test swatches


How do you find colors similar to the colors found?

On the special web page located on your card, there are codes and information for each color. You can either search by the codes or check out other colors in that space. The lip palettes are a good test of your results and can be bought in tester format if you are unsure you got the correct results. 


Where can I buy this thing already?!?!

Here! Located under Special Offer – Online Drapes

Lip Drape