What Type of Witch Are You?

What Type of Witch Are You?

’Tis the season where we must all ask ourselves, “what kind of magic do I like to practice?” If an instant resolve doesn't trigger deep within you, I’d like to walk you through the best way to decide what type of witch you are.


You enjoy the outdoors, whether it be practicing yoga or walking your furry friend, the outdoors calls to you. Watching the leaves change fills you with vigor that you had forgotten during the harsh summer heat. While you love to look good, your primary focus is to capture that ONE special person’s eye. In fact, you were just thinking about walking with them in nature. If they don’t exist yet, you are on the passive hunt for them (though you’re in no real rush). You embrace independence and the idea of being the center of attention fills you with dread.


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Good Witch



When you walk in the room you enjoy the attention. It doesn’t necessarily matter if all eyes are on you, but you’re pretty certain they will be. Your makeup isn’t really meant to impress others, but you are still thrilled to bathe in any and all compliments about your fierce look. Outdoors are fine, if you’re there to accomplish a certain goal, but you typically thrive in the city. People often come to you for advice, mostly because even if you don’t have it all together, you make flaws look fabulous. You draw your friends together, and they love to hear your stories while you all laugh and pass the day casually.


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Black Magic Witch



You’re kind of shy, but that doesn’t mean you want to blend in. You’re the secret beauty in your circle of friends, and when you dress up people take notice. It doesn’t really bother you that you aren’t considered the trend setter because you prefer to pull out the stops when it suits you. You tend to fall on the practical side of matters for the most part, but you also understand the importance of treating yourself when it counts. You have a lot of opinions about important issues, which you only really talk about when specifically asked. People often mistake how much you’ve got things together, but you only sometimes correct them because… why would you set the record straight on that?


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Neutral Witch



You are a good witch. You use your powers to make your world a little more magical and benefit the people you love. Enjoy these very natural tones that can be amped up depending on your mood. Your colors mix warm and cool because you walk the line between humanity and nature. Stay glowy gorgeous.



White Witch



We don’t blame you for wanting to cast a spell on us all, mostly because we’re under your spell ourselves. Enrapture everyone with a wicked pink that will have people asking where you got that color so that they too can look like you. Even your eye contour is a deep red because there is a secret wickedness in your smoke. Your gloss is Showgirl because you’re a show stopper as we’ve already established. Stay wicked beautiful.



Black Magic Makeup



You are the Neutral Witch. You don’t take sides in celestial matters because you’re so down to earth. Your colors for this fall are warm, earthy tones with just enough pop to make the process of applying makeup worth it. You have a grounded lash with a warm, neutral grey to make those soulful eyes captivating. You stand against the other two witches in being the warmest of the three, but with enough coolness to still be approachable to the yellow undertone folks. Stay golden girl.



Neutral Witch


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