Wedding Color Scheme

When you think of your wedding the first thing that comes to mind is the dress.

The white dress.

It seems simple but as in life, nothing is as simple as it seems.

When it comes to wearing the perfect dress, color matters, and not all whites are created equal when put against an individual’s skin.

That is why when brides come to us to get their makeup done, we always recommend that before they do anything; engagement photos, buying their dress, picking their color scheme, even choosing their flowers- they come to us first to get their personal color analysis done.

Color makes the wedding. We can see the importance of color when looking at set design in movies and tv shows. For example, look at Bree of Desperate Housewives.

Or Mei in House of Flying Daggers.

Or even the most romantic wedding of them all, that of Sam and Suzy in Moonrise Kingdom:

With attention to color, you will stand out and shine. The colors you choose for your wedding should all focus on making you the center of attention and accentuate your own coloring and beauty.

When you know what looks best on you, choosing your color palette is a breeze.

So when brides come in we tell them a Personal Color Analysis is worth going through first.

We will help you find the perfect white for your dress, and the perfect color scheme for your wedding- your flowers, your bridesmaid’s dresses, even your tablecloths should all focus on one thing and one thing only: Making you shine.

Oh ya and we will also do your makeup as well.

So before you start your 12-month Bridal timeline, get your color analysis done. It is well worth it.



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