Travel Makeup Checklist

Travel Makeup Checklist

This week we thought we would provide a super simple check list to help you keep your trip organized and on track! Was this blog written because Blake is in the middle of packing for a vacation and after reading the last blog thought a To-Do list was needed….? Maybe. However, if you are like many constantly stressed individuals who fear forgetting something before a big trip, you appreciate a good list like we do!

So here is the list, check it and ensure you have everything you need before you go!

☑️ Foundation
☑️ Foundation brush
☑️ Neutral Eyeshadow
☑️ Eyeshadow brush
☑️ Liner Color
☑️ Liner Brush
☑️ Makeup Remover
☑️ Q-tips
☑️ Bronzer
☑️ Bronzer Brush
☑️ Crease Brush
☑️ Crease color if different from Bronzer
☑️ Blush
☑️ Highlight Color
☑️ Brow Color
☑️ Mascara
☑️ Brow Brush
☑️ Lip Palette
☑️ Soften
☑️ Small Brush Cleaner


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