The Extra Girl's Guide To Engagement

The Extra Girl's Guide To Engagement

Maybe you've been engaged, maybe you're freshly engaged, maybe you just smell the ring and nervousness... It doesn't matter where you are in the process, but what does matter is what you do now. As someone who just got engaged, let me take you through my thought process about this time period.
(Gotta say though, I smelled the ring coming so I'm super prepared.)


In the scheme of things, I only became engaged like a second ago. I knew the question was coming, but wasn't sure when it would. Since my twin sister got engaged a few months before me, I've also been able to see the questions below being asked in a way I hadn't seen or noticed before it happened to someone close to me. 


  1. When is the wedding?
  2. How am I going to look amazing on my wedding day, honeymoon, and... forever….?
  3. How do the future in-laws feel?


And, while you're answering those questions, there are 12 billion other things to think about. Here's my list of recommendations to get you started.



No matter how on point your makeup is, the skin underneath it is super important. I cannot stress how vital it is to not throw in last minute skincare efforts before the wedding. You should be thinking about your skin health way before. Partly because your skin is telling you important things about your own health, but also because, let’s be real, we all want to look like glowing queens on our wedding day / every day.


Here is an awesome breakdown on how you can get that beautiful skin without the crazy hype surrounding skincare you see everywhere. Keep. It. Simple. Sweetie... ;) I’ve got a facial booked for next week, and I’m eager to listen to my aesthetician’s advice.



There are thousands of things that can dictate the when, but the one I’ve found to be most important to my fiancé and I is where we want to honeymoon. We both felt strongly about going to Italy and since I wanted to see the gardens there, the date was relatively easy to settle on. We also wanted enough time to save up money and have a relaxed planning period. Decide on what makes the most sense to the two of you and get that nailed down ASAP. That way when EVERYONE asks you when the wedding is you can do more than look blankly in their direction and shrivel up with indecision inside.



I started my engaged life with a whole new wardrobe, but it wasn’t clothes thrown together willy nilly. The clothes I chose were ones I felt comfortable in, looked professional in, and also made me look smoking hot. They were strategic, practical choices with a style focused air. It was important to me that color was involved, and I’ve found that not only has wearing color made me happier and more excited in the morning, but it’s also succeeded in spicing up my life with my significant other. Let’s be honest, part of the reason why you have a ring on your finger is because your partner couldn’t imagine a world where they didn’t get to wake up next to you. So carry the same high standards you have for your fiancé and apply them to yourself.



Shopping for color is hard. That’s why black has become so ubiquitous. However, we’d highly recommend you read about personal color analysis. Not only can you use it to transform your wardrobe, but you can also use it to help plan your wedding. It’s an amazing way to revolutionize the way you think about color, yourself, and your clothes. If you let your color analyst know that you are about to get married, or maybe about to get engaged ;), they can help come up with color recommendations based on your interests.



Your relationship with the in-laws doesn’t have to be contentious or miserable. If you’re a smart cookie that had your eyes on marriage early on, you’ve already worked on winning over their hearts. Even if they don’t play a huge part in your fiancé’s life, they will most likely have some kind of influence on the ceremony. That could be monetary (super helpful because weddings and honeymoons can be expensive) or it could be personality management.


While I’m really lucky and my future in-laws are super sweet people, they are very different from my family. The important thing to remember is that if your significant other has good parents, most parents just want what is best for their child. I try to make a point of looking extra good when I see them. Doing this helps my fiancé look good because he has such a beautiful, personable girlfriend (pre-ring), and helps them feel enthusiastic about the marriage.


I try to wear my best blues (trust colors), my best pink (lively, likable, sweet), or my best reds when I’m feeling extremely extra. There have been times when we’ve done outdoorsy things, or when I was feeling really tired that I didn’t want to put the extra effort in. I was okay though, because I had an easy makeup routine, sparkling personality, and also really cute workout clothes (don’t hate, no one wants to look gross when they already feel gross).



You are in a transitionary period of your life. Being engaged is amazing!!!!! It’s nice to feel special and swept away by the love of your fiancé. This is a perfect moment to analyze the way you thought about your style and to pick the things that matter, all while getting rid of past pieces that no longer bring you joy.


You’ve already won your fiancé’s heart, but it is also only the beginning. You’ve just made a promise to have a lifelong partnership with your significant other. My parents have been married for almost 30 years and I know that a marriage takes hard work. The important thing to remember is that you’ve just found yourself your person, and you two should work together to always strive to be the best for yourselves and one another. Doing that keeps you chasing each other for your whole life (in a good way).


P.S. I definitely bought my fiancé an engagement ring too because I thought it was weird to be the only one wearing one. Yes, I'm that extra.


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