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Holistic Collection

Life can be stressful, no one is debating that. On top of everything you have to do, you also somehow have to manage to look good while doing it. Hair and clothing can be difficult and take a lot of time, so we decided to make a collection that makes your life easier. The Holistic Collection is designed for easy use and made with colors that soothe and calm the mind and body.

Mother’s Day: Passport To Pampering

Mother’s Day: Passport To Pampering Mother’s Day is the one day a year we take to really appreciate our mom. In the Wright family, Mother’s Day has a particularly special place in our life. My sister Elea and I would plot on how to show our fabulous mother Darin how much we appreciate everything she has done for us. It was always difficult for us to come up with a gift because there was nothing my sister and I could give that would really show appreciation to the woman who birthed us, raised us, showed up at all our many random school and life events to cheer us on loudly even when she wasn’t suppose to, and also grow a makeup business from scratch.