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So your favorite color changed seasons?

So your favorite color changed seasons? You were ordering your favorite blush and you notice something... WHAT! IT IS NOW A YELLOW UNDERTONE?!!?! You were a Bright Winter! This makes no sense! Well... DON'T PANIC. That color is exactly the same as it was, but the system behind it has changed. Here's why.

When to be mean to color

When to be mean to color There is a time and place for brutal truths and blind justice, and that place is on your arm when you are testing drape swatches. We get questions all the time like “Did I do this right?”, “If my results are a Power 14 does that mean I did my Balance drape wrong since I got a 21?” Here are some quick assurances (jump below video), and a less quick video walkthrough of what to expect for your drape.

The Color Path

The Color Path Everyone has that item in their beauty toolkit that elicits the barage of compliments that we can all appreciate. Whether it be the perfect lipstick shade, the fabulous scarf, or the vavoom eyeshadow color- you know what we are talking about. The challenge of this compliment-ensured beauty tool is to find the right colors to coordinate with that beacon of perfection. So… how do you coordinate your colors to find the right color path for you?

Ebhues Lipdrape

Ebhues Lipdrape The lipdrape is a collection of 9 lipstick colors with the same value and chroma within different seasonal spaces in the ebhues system. It also contains No More Chap to soothe your lips after the draping, a pinch test, and instructions that will help you take your results into tangible awesome colors that are yours!