Sól Your Goddess Unveiled

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Sól Your Goddess Unveiled

Sól, the Norse goddess, tows the sun across the sky while chased by a giant wolf every. single. day. Does this sound like you? Here at the studio, our efforts to balance career, familial responsibilities, and community obligations has us relating a bit too much. We believe every woman should look like a glowing sun goddess while tackling life's obstacles. To help you, we've created four palettes that embody this rebel goddess. Each palette includes a pressed eyeshadow/highlight, pressed blush/eyeshadow, and pressed bronzer/contour agent. Our palettes impart that beautiful goddess glow with minimal effort. Soon you too will look fabulous while you effortless evade your own wolves.


You can find your undertone in several different ways.

  1. Do you already know yours? Skip to the section below and click on the photo of your palette.
  2. Do you have elea blake makeup but do not know your undertone? Reach out to us via email, facebook/Instagram, the chat bubble in the corner, or call us at 423.266.6222
  3. Use the lip drape to find your undertone.
  4. Risk the 'know thyself' method. This is a difficult method as a true red is harder to come by than you might assume. However here is a thought-starter.

Do true reds stay red on you? You probably have a red undertone (Winter). Click the pic for the collection.

Do true reds turn more purple on you? You probably have a blue undertone (Summer). 

Click the pic for the collection.



Do true reds look more orange on you? You probably have a yellow undertone (Spring).

Click the pic for the collection.


Do true reds look brown on you? You probably have an orange undertone (Autumn).

Click the pic for the collection.


If you look at two reds and can't figure out why they are different, please consider the lip drape if unable to visit the studio.



  1. Start with your eye look. Here are a few application suggestions. Feel free to get creative. You've got options!
  2. Apply your custom mineral foundation or custom liquid foundation all over that adorable face of yours.
  3. Mascara time
  4. Smile, but not the way you do when men tell you to. Apply a little bit of blush on the apples of those cheeks. You look as though you casually observe your sun from behind your chariot! You've got just enough sun to look vibrant and healthy, and you did it without the risk of too much radiation. Bravo!
  5. Bronzer time. Regardless of face shape, start underneath your cheekbones right by the ears and blend outward. You want to apply below the cheekbone to give a little bit of dimensionality. Begin light and apply more as needed. You may want to apply bronzer to the temples as well. If you want more jaw definition, replicate your cheekbone method starting at the hairline moving inward. People with longer faces may way to apply a touch to the hairline on the forehead as well. If you have questions about your specific face shape, feel free to reach out.
  6. Ready to radiate? Use that highlighter on the highest point of your cheeks. WOW! You look like the sun follows you around all day giving you a perfect contour. What's your secret? Oh right...
  7. Lipgloss or lipstick? We recommend the products that go beautifully with each collection! Just look at the description on the Sol Goddess Collection for lip tips!
  8. Look at yourself with admiration. You look so stunning and absolutely glow!
  9. Why not take a selfie for us? We'd love to see that beautiful goddess glow of yours.

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  1. Darin Wright Darin Wright

    Hey Valerie! It looks like you dabble mostly in the red undertone (winter) but you've also got some blue undertones (summer) but since you've mostly bought winter collections I'd suggest red.

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