Rock It Like A Redhead: Part 2

Rock It Like A Redhead: Part 2

We have talked about Fiery warm redheads, but we haven’t talked about cool-toned redheads. As we said in our last post there are many different types of redheads and they need different things makeup-wise depending on their color tones, age, personality, and type of red hair.

Meet Julia.

When Julia came in it was immediately clear that she was a natural cooler toned redhead. Her freckles and darker red hair were lovely contrasts and her hair tones had a bit more depth and red-blue to them. For this reason, we knew that Julia would need a light foundation to give her coverage but keep her freckles clear and envy worthy. We also knew that Julia would want a little more fun to her eyes given her youth (she is 15!).

As we do before every makeup application, we applied the Lipdrape to Julia’s arm to get an idea of where she would hang out in the seasonal groupings. Julia is a Winter when it comes to her Power (red) colors. With this in mind we created this Casual Everyday Makeup look!

Name: Julia

Type: Cool Deep Redhead

Recipe for Casual Everyday Look:

Foundation: 1 tablespoon Fortunate and 1/4 teaspoon Peaceful

Eye Colors:
Striking – all over base color
Strong – bone and under lash line
Pure – eye pop
Ostentatious – all over on top of Striking
Black Out & Walnut (on top of Black out)- liner

Dynamo – blush

Luck Be A Lady – lipstick
Go Go – lipgloss

Brows: Just Browzing 29 (Brand new color for an upcoming new brow packet)

So generally speaking, if you are a redhead leaning on the cooler tones, you will want red with a blue undertone, whites, and skin colored eyeshadow colors like cream or light browns with pinks. If you are younger and want a little more umph to your eyes, then a dark brown liner is great for giving some drama.


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