How to Survive Coral : Cool Girl Guide

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How to Survive Coral : Cool Girl Guide

’Tis the year of Coral. Coral is fun, flirty, and a little sassy. Basically, everything that we secretly or not-so-secretly want to be. Here are some notes for rocking coral.

Coral has the same rules of red (it is a Power aka Red after all).

When you wear a bold coral, you NEED to apply bold colors on your lips or eyes in order to make sure you stay the star of the show. If you’ve ever seen someone wear a bold red outfit with bare lips, you know what I mean. Sure you might look fine without it, but you didn’t subscribe to this system to look fine, you subscribed to look amazing! The woman below has an amazing outfit on, but the outfit steals the show. If she had worn a lip that was the same as her purse in color, she would be able to make a beautiful impact from head to toe. 


beautiful lady without lipstick


So now that we have a don't, let's talk about the do's. DO wear a bold lip with a bold outfit. When you wear a bold lip with a bold outfit, the lip comes out looking soft and cohesive. Darin is wearing the cool coral lip palette below. However, even though the colors look warm, they are actually cool corals that work perfectly with her skin tone (ebhues at work here!)


beautiful mature woman bold coral lip


If Darin didn’t wear a bold lip with this look, her blouse would be what we looked at, not her face. For this specific look, she lined her lips with Baby to create a natural fade, then applied Pouty with a touch of High Maintenance and a coat of Deep for a shine to make that pout even poutier. (Rabbits you'll have a natural-looking gloss).


HINT : While some people fear the shine of a gloss, glosses can give the appearance of thicker, fuller lips due to the way they reflect light.


The key to rocking bold colors is to be mindful of what you are wearing. When you apply your lipstick, don’t look JUST at your lips. Look at your whole face. Doing this allows you to see how everything works together. Usually, when you wear bold lips, you want to have a very natural, tonally cohesive eye as well. This is why we’ve included some soft coral blushes/eyeshadows. In our lip palette how-to video, you'll see what we mean about that eye color.




For a soft everyday look: use either Tease or Sweetie Pie. Combine both for a warmer coral.

For more sass: use Deep. You can adjust him with either Sweetie Pie or Tease.

For a soft red coral: use a touch of Pouty with deep. Or a touch of Pouty with Sweetie pie or Tease.

For a vibrant red coral: use Pouty. Adjust with the glosses as needed. Sweetie Pie pinks him up. Tease warms him and lifts. Deep will cool down and darken.

For the most vibrant coral look: use High Maintenance. Combine Pouty with High Maintenance for a vibrant beautiful coral red. Use Deep over High Maintenance to deepen and cool. You can also use Sweetie Pie to soften and cool. Tease makes him slightly warmer and less vibrant pink. Baby can be used with any of the colors and makes a great lip liner for a soft fade.



The eye can be complicated, but it doesn't have to be. When you do your eye makeup, make sure you have in the back of your mind that we are all created differently. Someone else's eye look may not be best on you and vice versa. That doesn't make you less beautiful, it just makes you unique. After working on countless faces, you quickly realize that everyone wants a different eye than they have. Embrace your own eye shape. It automatically makes anything you do 1000% better. 


HINT: Also when you do your makeup keep in mind that you can stop at whichever step you'd like. Your look can be as made up as you are feeling/have time for that day. 


natural looks



When you are applying these eye color/blushes, you'll want to think of them in the same way that you think of our other blushes. A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY. Seriously, our stuff is pigmented. I highly recommend our Dandy Andy brush if you don't have him already, as he helps you get just the perfect amount. I also use his little baby Prize Fighter for a nice little flush of color. And if you're a Unicorn you get 15% off him (rabbits get 10%).  The above photo is the after for the video below (Gabrielle will turn bright red when you touch her so we had to give a moment for her skin to calm).




BLUSH // Even though we used Pixie as the blush in the video above, don't feel like that is your only option. High Spirited makes a wonderful blush, especially since we've kind of revisited and tweaked him to be that way better. If you need to soften the color, we included that as a sample for you on your cheek. If you fall in love with either as a blush and want to have a custom formulation with soften in it we can do that. 


EYE // For the unicorns, we'd also recommend using Transcendent as an all over colors. Don't be afraid of him, he won't trigger those 80s flashbacks at all. Play with the different colors in different placements. The one combination I wouldn't encourage is to use Transcendent as pop over Pixie or High Spirited. This is because, in color theory, you would make your eye look smaller and sunken since it is a cool color. Of course, rules are made to be broken, so who knows... maybe you can prove us wrong. Also, I'd highly recommend playing with Baby as a liner cos fun! 







When you are applying these eye color/blushes, you'll find that they impart a beautiful warm glow to you. Things we don't think work so well with Coral looks red-purple outfits (a bit too cool). Lavender also isn't the most flattering as it clashes on that cool side. However, there are exceptions to this as well. In general, though, we would recommend against. 


If you've done the color analysis before, you'll have your cheat sheet. Remember that coral is considered a POWER, so the same rules of it apply. compare your outfits against your coral swatches and see how it flows in your mind. If you have the swatches see the below for reference. Below are some good coordinating looks. 


Pouty is a P14m2x and Sweetie Pie is a P31Leu. 


fashion imagefashion inspofashion inspo 3


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