De-Frightening The Lipliner

Lipliner has had a bad rep in the beauty business. Many people fear lipliner, they don’t understand it. They see people using it wrong and swear they will never look like that.

Lipliner has had a bad rep in the beauty business. Many people fear lipliner, they don’t understand it. They see people using it wrong and swear they will never look like that.
The above photo, for example, is a liner that is too dark with a too light lip color. The look was “fly” in the 90’s but the world has moved on since then. For this reason, we have compiled a few tips and some fun tricks to use to make your lips look fabulous while rocking the liner”


Bolding this and writing it in capital letters should clarify to you that this is an absolute No No. The liner you choose to wear should either be a slightly darker shade then your natural lip color, or a slightly darker/lighter shade than the lip color of your choice. If that is confusing you should just stay on the safe side with neutrals that match your lip color. You are trying to emphasize your lips not draw them onto your face as if people don’t know where they are.

In the case of a natural color, try a color just slightly darker. Using this color will give your lips a layer for the lip color to grip and stand out more. It will also emphasize your lip curves.

By adding the almost natural lip color, the peaks are more defined and the lower lip looks slightly more pouty.

For color try a shade that is just a little different from your lip color.

You will want to apply the liner first and then apply the lip color.

2. Roll the pencil to create a softer point. 

You don’t want a harsh edge, roll the pencil so that the pencil leaves plush color in it’s wake.

3. Use Lip Treatment or chap stick before application.

Adding something on your lips before you apply the lip color will make the color more shear and dewy. It will also give the color more moisture for dryer lips. Using lip primer AROUND the lips will strengthen the staying power of your lipstick or gloss. Lip Treatment has peptides in the formula that will moisturize and treat lips for both moisture and firmness. You can apply it in combination with lip liner as your lip color.

Another way to get your lipstick to adhere more smoothly and vibrantly to your lips is to take Soften and dust over the lips lightly then apply another coat of color. Doing this will also make your color last longer.

4. You can use Lipliner as your lip color. 

Using lipliner as your lip color will give you a beautiful matte finish. If you have a hard time applying it you can use the X technique. You take the pencil at the highest point of your lip and go down across your lip. Do this for both sides so that you have an X on the middle of your top lip. Then define the lowest line of your lips by lining the bottom of the lip, starting from the point where your X ends to the other point. Then make two sideways v’s on the outer most sides of your lips, one side of the V should be on the top line of your lip and the other side of the v should be on the bottom line of your lower lip. Then take your pencil and fill in the lines!

5. Use it to create a 3D lip look.

I know your lips are already 3D, but they can look even more defined. Just add a lighter lip liner then your natural lip or whatever lip color shade you are using in the middle of your lips. The best way to ensure your lip shine looks amazing is to take the lighter shade lip pencil and create a rough heart shape on your lips. Use the Cupids Bow (the top points of your lip edge) point at the top of the heart and bring the bottom of the heart to the middle point on your lower lip. Then, using either your brush or your fingers, blend the color outwards towards your mouth. This means you blend the top going down to your mouth, and the bottom going up toward your mouth. Then put a light, nearly clear gloss on. If you wish to use a lipstick for this look that has a deep pigment, reverse the application with the lip color first and the liner second.

These are merely a few tricks to demystify the lip liner. If you have any other makeup questions, let us know, we will make sure to answer them!


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