The Perfect Nude Lip Guide

The Perfect Nude Lip Guide

Dare to Bare is the best nude lip palette you always wanted but never knew existed. Your perfect nude lip is as easy as a stroke of a brush.


You aren't the only one who wants to look like yourself, but... with a twist? I've had countless women wander into the studio looking for their natural lip, and the inspiration bookmarked on their phone is eh... The truth about the nude lip is that it can go terribly wrong very quickly. There are three main problems I encounter regularly:


  1. The actual lip look is almost exactly the shade of lip they already have so it doesn't make a difference at all (which kudos for loving yourself without realizing it).
  2. The inspiration lip is on a lady of a completely different skin undertone or shade and doesn't translate into that lovely blush of color.
  3. Nude lips for those with more saturation in their skin requires such a level of color perfecting that I'm usually prescribing a custom lip or palette.

Don't worry lovely internet ladies, we've got a nice little cheat sheet for you, and unlike the ones you used in school no one will judge or tattle (also way more fun).




The "Dare to Bare" lip palette is the first palette that has me OBSESSED. The reason? It creates the PERFECT lip for anyone. That isn't a statement we use lightly here. As in we don't use that at all, so the fact that we believe it is a big deal. I've been using it since the day we made it, and it has stood up to my day look, my evening look, and my "omg am I really out at 6am?" look.



The palette is an easy way to get your perfect nude look. It is also A LOT more fun than a single color approach. Because why have 1 when you can have 5 amirite? We do have the individual products though if you want to commit to that perfect one shade.




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