A New Year- All About You

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A New Year- All About You

New Years makes us reflect on what we have accomplished… or haven’t. It is a day when we promise ourselves to do better next year. Many people promise to do something to improve themselves but sometimes we all fall into the trap of being a little over the top with that promise. This New Years, don’t promise the moon, let other people do the work for you. We are here to help you emphasize your beauty because you are already wonderful, you just need to get rid of those colors in your life that don’t do you justice. This New Years, make your resolution to live fabulously in YOUR colors.

That is why, in addition to always being there for you in studio to help you find your best colors, we have started to create amazing lip palettes by Hue Family with testers for each palette soon to come, so you can continue your exploration of your hue zones as discovered by our online drapes!

We are also in the process of finishing the final touches on a brand new drape that will allow you to experiment with a plethora of lovely eyeshadows in each Hue!

Finally we are in the end sprint of our ebhues color analyst system, creating the swatches for our custom swatch books, and creating the Color Manager that each will receive after their analysis.

This year will be all about finding your best colors and more important all about YOU.

So ditch the excessive and unattainable New Years resolutions and let us do the work for you!

Happy New Years!


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