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Rock It Like A Redhead

Rock It Like A Redhead

Redheads are unique little snowflakes with lovely hair that all of us have either envied or dyed our own hair red at one point in time. Many people make the mistake of generalizing redheads so that they are a static group. However as all redheads are probably aware, they can’t be generalized. Red hair colors vary as do redhead complexions, between warm reds and cool reds, freckles and no freckles, authentic redheads and convincingly faux redheads.

There are a whole world of redheads, and since we will be attending a convention for redheads called “Rock it like a Redhead” in Nashville, we thought we would discuss these beauty anomalies while they are on the top of our mind.

Meet Nadine.

Nadine’s redheaded type is: Fiery Redhead.

You can recognize a fiery redhead by the warm flaming orange and red-orange colors running through their hair. Though Nadine is not a natural fiery redhead, she is a natural redhead. Her original hair color has been lost to her and the world through years of embracing her internal fiery hair personality but her skin color is typical of a warm red blonde redhead.

Nadine, like many redheads with a warmer hair color, wanted a natural makeup look to emphasize her lovely hair. We put her in muted corals and peaches to emphasize her creamy white skin and keep the star of the show her natural beauty and hair color. This color palette also worked with her eye color as on the color wheel, reds are opposite greens and blues.

Before we started applying makeup, we did a Lipdrape to find what tones would look best on Nadine. If you are trying to figure out what colors would look best on you at home, we would recommend starting with the cheek drape, Get Cheeky, first as we have found it is easier for people to see the correct results compared to the Lipdrape.

Our Lipdrape revealed that Nadine was generally located in the Springs when it came to her Power (red) colors. So with that in mind we created a recipe for natural beauty success for this fiery redhead!

Name: Nadine

Type: Fiery Redhead

Recipe for Natural Makeup Look:

Foundation: Hopeful

Eye Colors:
Just – all over base color
Tried & True – Inner eye color
Explosive – eye pop
Black Cherry– liner

Explosive – blush
February Love – bronzer

Irreplaceable – lipstick
Shine – lipgloss
Glacier Pink– lip liner

Brows: Just Browzing 9 

So generally speaking, if you are a redhead with a fiery disposition and hair color- leaning on the warmer tones then soft pinks, corals, whites, and muted browns are going to really make your beauty pop. 


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