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Strength – Get The Look

Strength – Get The Look

Strength is our yellow red or as it is colloquially known, orange. Strength is a warm tone and is usually worn by the cools only in natural makeup tones to match the skin. In ebhues, there are no “Winter” or “Summer” strength tones because the cool seasons can not wear that much warmth. However, this doesn’t mean that if you are a cool tone you would never find yourself wearing a strength color. Oddly enough many Winters and even some Summers have a good bit of Strength in their actual skin tone which allows them to wear very muted natural versions of this wonderful hue family. However, we went with an Autumn model to don the Strength colors.


Orange is the mixture between Power (red) and Energy (yellow). It gives the wearer and viewer emotional strength and uplifts the spirit. Orange will bring about a warmth and inner robustness in those who view it. Be careful though orange is also known to stimulate hunger, so don’t go over the top with this fabulous color or you might find yourself constantly craving something to eat!

The Strength makeup look is a mixture between natural and energetic. We chose to use a very energetic eye look so as to show that one need not fear the orange eyeshadow, it is quite lovely. We stuck with mostly Strength 45 colors as our model looked best in this tone.

On the eyes we have: Insightful as the highlight to cool down the orange, Surprise as the crease color and V, Inherent as the eyeliner with Chocolate Mousse to add depth in the liner as well, and Solitude all over the eye.

On the cheeks we have Philosopher blush.

On the lips we have Alert lipstick.

The end result is a stunning array of orange and elegance.


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