Article number: Ziggy

You are so deep, which means in order to wear a vivid red you need to go deeper in value. Siren is a red that calls from the depths and lures those who answer your gorgeous call into your lovely hands. What you do with those souls once you've captured them... that's up to you. Shine with this vivid red for those who lift anything lighter like a 2lb weight. Perfect for those who crave warmth in the orange undertone land (old school Autumn). Once upon a time called Ziggy, but we've made him even better since then.

Family: Autumn
Genus: Universal

Color Reference:
ebhues: Power 43 - p43ddo

Bertha Corbitt-Patterson 26-01-2019 23:29

Ziggy was one of my try on colors at my color analysis. He was mixed with others but added as standalone in my pallet. When I tried it alone I stood at the mirror with my mouth open. He is absolutely gorgeous, just love it alone or as a foundation for other colors. I am very pleased.

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