9 To 5 Cool

Article number: Business


3 eye colors for a full eye look (all over, highlighter, and liner/crease). 1 blush pop and 1 lipstick pop.



Reflective: All Over

Cautious: Eye pop / Highlighter

Cognizant: Liner / Crease

Blush: Ostentatious (warm is Debonair)

Lip: Doll (warm is Compelling) 



Do you wear an S21 or S45 foundation? You have cool skin! This is for you. Don't already know your skin code? No problem! If you aren't local to Chattanooga you can either mix your own foundation OR find which Strength (orange) you are using this drape


Not everyone with cool skin wears cool lip colors (P14 or P31). If you do wear cool lip colors (blue or red undertones aka Summer and Winter) then order as is. If you wear warm lip colors (P21-P41 aka orange or yellow) then write in the notes section I WEAR WARM LIP COLORS and we will switch out the blush and lip. If you don't already know your lip undertone, learn about it here where we've written on it extensively. Remember not everyone is a cool, cool. Some people ARE cool, warms or warm, cools. We've got ya though!

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