Our Story


Like all great things, elea blake cosmetics started with a rant. Darin Wright, after a frustrating day working at the makeup counter, ranted to her patient husband Doug about the lack of foundation colors for people who are outside of “mainstream” skin tones. He in turn came up with what would later become the elea blake mission statement, or as those marketing people like to call tagline – We’ve got your color. 

It wasn’t until 1997 though that this mission would take form. It was then that Darin decided to move ahead and create a line she felt confident in, that would find colors for every woman no matter the skin tone. She named the company elea blake after her two twin daughters, her other passion in life. Since day one elea blake has always embodied this mission and only expanded further and further to provide the answer to a lack of customization of makeup colors.

In Darin’s over 30 plus years in the fashion/cosmetic industry she has concentrated on this endeavor to bring forth the perfect mix of mineral makeup alchemy that suits an array of colors for all skin ethnicities, perfecting tone and texture with a resilience to stay on in all weather as well as be gluten free and cruelty free.

Darin established elea blake in Chattanooga, Tennessee where she and her daughters own and operate a color studio and apothecary.  It was here that Darin was able to create and lead a personal color analysis market in the makeup industry. Now the elea blake team of Coloristas are leading the color revolution. 

Thank you all for helping us grow!

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