Custom Created Colors


Have you found yourself pining for a color that is no longer on the market? Are crumbs all you have left of what was once your most beloved go to guy? Well, don’t be too quick to write him off as the one that got away. The elea blake Coloristas are here to reunite you.
We can reproduce those eye, lip, face or cheek colors for you. As it turns out, you weren’t calling it quits at all, you’ve just been on a break.

Not only can we resurrect lost loves, we can introduce you to entirely new ones as well. Do you have a paint swatch, a nail polish or a color in a scarf, for instance, that gives you butterflies? If you can provide us with a sample of your newest dream guy, we can make him a reality. The possibilities are endless!

Here’s how it works:


If you would like for us to re-create your favorite discontinued shade, we ask that you send us a sample approximately the size and thickness of a dime in a pot or a plastic baggie. Unfortunately, we can not accept discontinued makeup colors that have been swatched on paper. The only way to get a true match is to have the true color.

If you would like, you can mail us what is left of your original color and we can return him with your new custom formulation. We promise to take good care of your fella and gently analyze him for hue, value and chroma. Also, texture and coverage are taken into consideration as well. If you are like us, you may find that although you have found a love of your life, it doesn’t mean he’s perfect. Here is your chance to get a little more picky. Would you like color a shade lighter or perhaps a little darker? Perhaps he would be more your type with a little less sparkle? By all means, be specific on your wishes and together we can even better perfect this guy. With the information and materials you provide us, we will create a formula that will remain forever in our permanent files.

In a padded envelope, please mail your lovely to:
elea blake cosmetics

831 Chestnut Street

Chattanooga, TN 37402


Our manufacturing time is 2-3 weeks from the date an order is placed. Shipping time is 2-7 business days. In a hurry to be reunited at last? Rush manufacturing and shipping options are available. Once your color is formulated, he will be ready for a lifetime of commitment. You can re-order as much and as often as your heart desires.

Formulation fee per color is $25.00

Regular pricing then applies.

Call the studio to place your order. If paying by check you may simply enclose the check with your order information. If paying by credit card please contact the studio and ask for Stacie or Darin. 423-266-6222.