12 Tones to ebhues


We are an ever-changing, ever-improving kind of company. Some times we are so eager to keep moving that we have to stop and remember who we are: A custom cosmetics company with an emphasis on zagging when everyone else is walking in a straight line. You can see this in our constant desire to create colors for women (or men) of all levels of melanin as well as our desire to continue to serve each of our customers personally; whether it be talking on the phone, answering emails or social media questions, and even making our own makeup from scratch.

It is this call to our existence that made us stop in our 12 Tones Sci/Art tracks. Don’t get us wrong, we love 12 Tones and all the amazing colorful people who utilize it and play in Sci/Art color land. However, we are all about knocking down boxes and generalized groupings to get down and dirty in our color obsession. So though we feel saddened to leave behind a great system, we knew that to continue along this path would be disingenuous to our custom loving hearts.

After exhaustive analysis of the Munsell color system, countless tests on our willing human subjects, and many a soft sob fest in the color lab over color swatches- we are beginning our launch of ebhues: a crazy personal color system complete with draping, swatches, makeup colors, and your own little color space. Our system analyzes individuals into five groups; Pure, Vivid, Deep, Subtle, and Early along each color seasonal path. Our site will be continuing to evolve and change to suit this new system and our selection of makeup options will continue to expand and become even more accurate. We promise to keep everyone up-to-date and informed on the new releases AS SOON as they become available. We are so excited to share our new color knowledge with everyone and hope many will join us in custom color land!

We realize that many of our clients have been draped in Sci/Art 12 Tones seasons and because of this we have created a Pinterest board for each season so they can easily peruse and buy the colors they are familiar with. However, we strongly encourage everyone to look at the new additions in their color space and walk with us on this new exciting path. Let us all break down our generalized boxes to find our own space. We are all unique- no label can contain your own personal essence. We knew this when we started and we have seen time and time again that no one is exactly like the next person!

Live colorfully true to you, because we’ve got your color!

ebhuesIn-House Guide (Work in Progress)

True Summer

Light Summer

True Winter

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Dark Winter
True Winter
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Soft Summer
True Summer
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